Monday, March 28, 2011

Another Comparison Picture

Here is a picture of Caroline at 4 months (on the left) and Matthew at 4 months (on the right). Both pics taken at their 4 month doctor's appointments. What do you think? Do they look alike? There are some definite differences. The main one being that Matthew is so much bigger than Caroline was at this age and he has filled out can really tell in the face. Also, Caroline's eyes were very dark/starting to turn brown and Matthew's are blue. But overall, Matt and I think they look SO much alike. Matt couldn't even tell who was who until he really looked closely at the pictures. I LOVE comparing pictures of the two of them.
Matthew's 4 month check-up went great last week. He received a clean bill of health, and we're supposed to start weaning him off Nutramigen this month and start introducing Gentlease. We've been doing that for a few days already and so far so good. It will be nice not to pay for that expensive formula anymore. Dr. P could see teeth in Matthew's gums but they haven't started "popping through" yet. Matthew is definitely teething though. Explains ALL the drool. Here are Matthew's 4 months stats. So thankful to have a healthy, growing baby boy!!

Weight: 15 pounds, six ounces (8oth %)

Length: 24 7/8 inches (70th %)

Head Circumference: 16 3/4 inches (80th%)

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shae said...

Wow...80th and 70th may have a big boy on your hands. They are both beautiful/handsome.