Thursday, April 2, 2009

Strike a pose, there's nothin' to it

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I've been busy busy getting ready for someone to turn the big ONE this Saturday. The other day I realized I had no idea what size swimsuit to buy for Caroline this summer. I remembered from last year that they tend to run really small. So we had a dress-up session today to see what size fits the little lady. Here are pics from our modeling session:

Caroline likes to tell us over and over that she's "SOOOOO BIG"
Love the ruffles on the booty

As I've mentioned before on my blog, Caroline is at risk for melanoma because of high family incidence of the cancer in our family. So I want to keep her covered up as much as I can. But this bathing suit was too cute to resist. We'll just have to utilize a lot of sunscreen and shade this summer!!
And of course, we can't forget the hat!!

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Emily said...

What an adorable little swimsuit model you have :) Love the little rolls on her thighs - they are the best!

Shannon said...

I LOVE those thighs!!! And guess what?? Lulu has the exact same brown bathing suit!! They are twinkies!

the bowlin family said...

O and Caroline will both be sporting the adorable polk-a-dot suit. I think Caroline might be just a touch cuter because of her squeezable thighs. :)