Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday, Matthew!!

In an effort to do some major catching up on this ole' blog of mine, I'm going to be doing some major picture dumping of the last few fun events of 2013. It will be hard not to be wordy but I'm going to do my best.
Matthew turned 3 on 11/11/2013! We had a fun Planes donut party at his favorite park by our house on the Saturday before his real birthday. The weather was great, and Matthew had a blast!!

We came home and opened up presents after the party. I think this might have been Matthew's favorite party :-)

My family came over on Saturday night to open more gifts and eat cake!

Matthew loved his balance bike from my mom!

He loved it so much he did NOT want to stop for his cake and Happy Birthday song:

Matthew woke up to balloons in his doorway and a special breakfast on Monday...his real birthday!

We spent the rest of this special day at Mr. Donovan's class, Pump It Up with our best friends, and dinner at Mi Cocina with our fam of four. It was the perfect way to celebrate our sweet 3 year old!!!

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