Monday, February 13, 2012


Well, we moved...and, boy, was it crazy!!! It took us two weeks, but we finally have internet. Woohoo! Back to the blogging world for me :-)
So I've been terrible about taking pictures of anything because I've basically been consumed with unpacking and getting settled for two week. However, I did manage to snap some pics of a couple things we've been up to lately:
Watching the Superbowl with Mimi and PopPop...two of New York Giants' biggest fans!!
A little New York Giants fan in the making maybe?? Not if I have anything to say about it ;-)
Team Madrid a.k.a. Team Soccerellas had their first soccer game last Saturday!
Our little soccer player...#7 just like her daddy was when he played soccer as a young lad:

Of course the game was on the coldest day we've had all year. Y'all. It was FREEZING!!!!! I think it was something like 34 degrees at the time of the game but the windchill in the 20s. The poor girls were miserable. But they played. Unfortunately, they got creamed by the other team...who had already played together 2 seasons prior btw. Caroline went out on the field and pranced around, but I don't think she quite understands the concept of the game quite yet. That's okay...Team Soccerellas will get there :-)

Trying to keep Bubs warm...he was pretty miserable :-(
Caroline liked to stop the ball whenever she would get it...she's got that move down. Now, we just have to teach her dribbling, stealing and scoring. Matt worked with her a little on it yesterday and she did really well with him. We'll see if it translates over to game #2. Way to go, Team Madrid...y'all did great despite the frigid weather!!!


Katie - a Blessed Mommy! said...

Oh they are too CUTE!!!

Courtney said...

Hi I know this is off topic but can you tell me where you got Caroline's third birthday outfit? the one with the lollipop, it would be perfect for my daughters birthday.
Thank you!

Laura said...

Hi Courtney! I couldn't find a way to respond to you so I'm leaving the info about the outfit here. I hope you see it! I got the outfit from Sheshe Made. Here's the website:
Just scroll down and you'll see the lollipop outfit. Hope that helps :-)