Friday, May 27, 2011

Two Peas in a Pod

These days, Matthew and Caroline are best buddies. They interact so much now, and Caroline always has to be wherever Matthew is. They love to:
play together on the floor...Caroline entertains Matthew for long periods of time
 sit in chairs together
 tickle each other
 hold hands (Matthew's face is like "Really, mom? Do I HAVE to hold her hand?")

 and the number one thing they currently like to do together is read...well Caroline likes to "read" to Matthew, he just likes to try to take the book away from her

look at my little man ;-)

Caroline also loves to get right in Matthew's face and laugh hysterically. Sometimes he thinks this is funny...sometimes not so much:
giving each other kisses is another favorite thing...just two peas in a pod
I pray everyday for Caroline and Matthew's relationship. I hope they become the very best of friends!! It's so neat to watch their relationship grow as Matthew gets older. I bet sibling squabbles are right around the corner :-) 

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