Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day at the Museum

Our church playgroup was supposed to meet at the Children's Museum of Science last Friday. Lacy, Hudson, Caroline and I were the only ones who could make the playdate. We missed everyone else but had a lot of fun.
Playing the chimes
Hudson and Caroline playing at the sand table

Driving the fire truck
Petting the sheep and...
...the dog
Sometimes I think it's better NOT to tell Caroline to smile at the camera, ha ;-)
Hudson, milking the cow...this pic makes me laugh!
Looking at the turtle
Playing in the tunnel...
...and in the mat room

The water room was Caroline's favorite activity

"grocery" shopping
Another fave activity...the puzzle station

The Children's Museum is awesome. I think we'll be making some trips back this summer when it's too hot to do anything outside except swim!

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