Wednesday, May 20, 2009

95 Years Young

Sorry for the mini blog hiatus but we've just returned from a whirlwind trip to D.C. for Matt's grandma's 95th birthday celebration. Matt's parents and most of his family live on the East coast (D.C. area and New Jersey) and his aunt and uncle threw Grandma a terrific birthday bash at their home at Lake Anna. Here are some pics from our trip:
Out for a stroll with Grandpa and Grammie
Outside enjoying the beautiful Virginia weather

Kisses from Grandpa are the best!
Hangin' with Uncle Marcus
Playing Settlers of Catan...our fav!
Now on to the big 95th birthday bash. This wasn't any old birthday party. Matt's Aunt Mae and Uncle Jim hosted a celebration complete with live music, a dance floor, tents, delicious food, etc... Grandma has so many people that love her...over 60 people came to celebrate the big day! Matt has lots of cousins he doesn't get to see very much. Here are some of the boy cousins catching up:
Caroline on the dance floor with Grammie and her 2nd cousin, Madison (Madison might be her 2nd cousin once removed?? I never know about that...we'll just say 2nd cousin for convenience purposes :-)
Dancing with Aunt MaeMore dancing...
....Caroline L.O.V.E.D the music and danced until she couldn't dance anymore (there's a video at the end of this post).

Playing with a puppy
Caroline and her 2nd cousin, NateGetting ready for her first boat ride. Jim had an infant life vest so Matt's cousin, Tim, took us out for a very slow boat ride. I was SO nervous. Caroline hated the life jacket but loved the boat ride...especially the wind in her face!

Here is the lady of the evening...Grandma...95 years young! She was out on the dance floor having the time of her life dancing with her sons (she has 3 sons, one of them is Matt's dad, and one daughter). And yes, that is a tiara on top of her head. She's a pretty rockin' 95 year old Grandma, that's for sure! We love you, Grandma...happy birthday!!
Caroline's dancing video:
(her way of "dancing" is she plants her feet and doesn't move the lower half of her body, then she just claps her hands, taps her leg, or tries to snap :-)

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